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Large beef promotion kit

Kit Contents:

  • Grilling Brochures: 100
  • Veal Brochures: 50
  • Beef Cuts Brochures: 50
  • Heart Health Brochures: 50
  • Holiday Roast Brochures: 100
  • Our Ohio Booklet: 50
  • Beef Activity or Coloring Book: 100
  • Beef Cuts Poster & BIWFD Table Wrap

small beef promotion kit

Kit Contents:

  • Grilling Brochures: 50
  • Veal Brochures: 25
  • Beef Cuts Brochures: 25
  • Heart Health Brochures: 25
  • Holiday Roast Brochures: 50
  • Our Ohio Booklet: 25
  • Beef Activity or Coloring Book: 50
  • Beef Cuts Poster & BIWFD Table Wrap

beef & health booklet

This booklet contains information about beef's role in a healthy diet. 

beef activity books

This activity book is a fun way for youth to learn about beef. Recommended for ages 8+.

beef as a first food

This booklet shares information regarding beef as a complimentary food for infants. 

beef cuts booklet

This booklet shares information regarding different cuts of beef. 

beef cuts nutrition & recipes

This brochure has information on beef cuts, their nutrition and beef recipes.

Beef in a heart healthy lifestyle

This pamphlet contains heart-healthy beef recipes and information.

beef sticker page

A beef sticker page is a great way for youth to share how much they love beef. 

beef sustainability

This one-pager contains information about beef sustainability.

beef's big 10

This one-pager shares beef's role as a good source of protein for an active lifestyle. 

decoding the label

Decode grain-finished, grass-finished, certified organic and naturally raised labels. 

grass-finished or grain-finished

Learn the nutritional content of grain-finished and grass-finished beef. 

grilling brochure

This brochure contains grilling recipes and tricks, plus some tips on marinading. 

holiday roast brochure

This brochure contains roast recipes and tips for oven roasting beef. 

lean matters booklet

This booklet shares the history of lean beef and it's role in a healthy diet. 

masters of beef advocacy

This card shares what Masters of Beef Advocacy is and encourages participating in MBA.

nourish your heart recipe card

Nourish Your Heart

These perforated cards contain numerous heart-healthy beef recipes and their nutrition facts.

Ohio Beef industry booklet

This booklet highlights families across Ohio that raise beef and their operations. 

all-time favorites

This spiral-bound book contains numerous favorite Beef. It's What's For Dinner. recipes. 

tastes & traditions Recipes

Find the perfect beef tailgate recipes for gameday and information on OSU traditions. 

veal recipe brochure

This brochure contains multiple veal recipes and nutrition facts, as well as veal information.