The Leedy Family

"If you're a consumer and you're concerned about the way things are raised, come out and look around. I'll show you what we do and I'll show you what we don't do." - Scott Leedy

Meet the Leedys:

“I’ve been farming with my dad ever since I could see over the steering wheel,” Scott Leedy reflects on the roots responsible for his commitment to the beef industry. True to family tradition, Scott and his wife, Taylor, own and operate a 1,000 head commercial heifer operation near Eaton, Ohio where they are raising their daughters Tinley, 3, and Teagan, 1.  

A fifth-generation farmer, Scott and his family are transitioning into a larger role as they take on full responsibility of the family farm. They hope to become self-sufficient in feeding their herd and look to find new and affordable ways to provide for beef consumers as their operation continues to develop.  

 As beef farmers, Scott and Taylor are invested in the safety of their facility for the cattle and their employees. The most recent addition to their operation is a commercial barn with updated technologies to ensure the welfare of their herd and safe accessibility to handle the cattle during management practices such as vaccinating, veterinary wellness checks and application of identification tags.  

 Their current focus is on finding ways to source their own feed. Obtaining the land necessary to raise cattle, or the crops to feed them, is a common struggle in the beef industry these days, and limits the opportunity for growth . In the meantime, Scott and Taylor hope to familiarize themselves with the financial aspects of beef production as they see it from start to finish in the next few years. 

Moving forward, the Leedys look forward to exploring  new opportunities for their business as the demand for local beef rises among consumers. “Our goal for 2021 is to be able to provide a beef bundle, so someone who doesn’t want the half or quarter can get a package with a variety of cuts,” Taylor said. They recognize the uncertainty that surrounds production operations at times, and hope that the increased business with local producers will  strengthen consumer confidence in the industry, and the care that goes into raising livestock, as a vital component of our food system.

The Leedy Family

Eaton, ohio


Cattle spend their final 4-6 months at a feedyard being fed a scientifically-balanced diet and receiving daily care.

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