The Erf Family

The Erf’s carry a family legacy with them as they work to do something they love – raise cattle and maintain the family operation outside Bellevue they’ve been entrusted with for generations to come.

Erf Family Farms Inc. is 100 percent family owned and operated. Off the farm, Kevin is a salesperson for a local company, Steven is fully employed on the farm and Minetta is retired from teaching. Third generation brothers Nick, Matt and Mike have all studied at The Ohio State University and plan to remain involved with the family farm upon completion of their respective studies. In 2008, the farm transitioned from a Holstein dairy farm into a beef production operation, while also caring for several acres of crops they use to create feed for their herd.  

"We want to honor our ancestors by keeping cattle on the operation. It's in our roots, and raising cattle is something we know how to do very well." - Nick Erf

Meet the erf's

How do you keep animals safe and healthy?

Cattle that are raised on the farm are given a series of vaccinations throughout their life cycle. These are administered at different growth stages to allow for animals to fight of any diseases they may encounter. Furthermore, all livestock pens are cleaned and kept bedded regularly to ensure cattle are clean and dry at all times.

What are some technologies you use that might surprise people?

One of the most recent technological advancements we have added to our operation is our automated calf milk feeder. This feeder allows calves to drink milk, just as they would from their mother, at any time during the day. This process is better than having designated feeding times because the calves can get nutrients right at the time of need.

How does using advancements in technology make farming easier?

Technologies allow for less physical labor and the farm to produce more beef in the long run. Every piece of technology we add to the operation is an effort to become more efficient, safer for us and the animals, and become better stewards of the land.

Why is it IMPORTANT to give your cattle the best care possible?

It is important to give our cattle the utmost attention and care at all times. By monitoring overall herd health, we can assure that cattle are gaining weight and are comfortable. This is crucial because if cattle are not gaining weight, it costs the producer extra money. We want to ensure that the consumer is always getting safe and wholesome beef. By keeping cattle healthy, this allows the end product to be wholesome from the start of the growth process.

erf family farms

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Cattle spend their final 4-6 months at a feedyard being fed a scientifically-balanced diet and receiving daily care.

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