Meet the Seibert Family

“It’s a way of life as much as it is your life.” - Ben, Dan & Michael Seibert 

Meet the Seibert family:

Seibert Livestock in St. Mary’s, Ohio is constantly expanding and looking for new opportunities for growth, but behind the scenes, it is a well-oiled operation that has always been in the cattle industry. The family traces its history to John H. Wright who was born in 1865 and was one of the original farmers to bring cattle into the area, along with winning the Ohio Master Farmer Award.

Today, Seibert Livestock is still a family farm ran by brothers Ben, Dan, and Michael and their father, Richard. Ben manages the marketing side of the farm, while Dan focuses on feeding and raising approximately 120 Holstein feeder calves. Michael runs the grain farming side of the operation to feed their cattle and Richard assists in all aspects of the farm. Ben stated, “Their individual strengths combined have created a strong and profitable relationship that will continue for many years to come.” 

The farm originally fed Angus cattle, but in 2006 the family saw an opportunity to transition into feeding Holsteins. Buying Holstein calves from local farms allowed them to have more control over the health of the cattle, increased efficiency, and lowered travel expenses. 

Since the Seibert brothers could walk and talk, they have had big dreams for the family farm and are currently moving into one of their new barns. The barn will be able to hold a total of 800 head with each pen holding 120 head. The design and engineering of the barn was done by the brothers themselves. All the feed the farm uses is ground on the farm and fed using drop tube feeding. 

Currently, Seibert Livestock has cattle in four barns feeding 1,000-1,200 head at any given time. Seibert Livestock was recently awarded the 2021 Commercial Cattleman of the Year Award by Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA). 

They hope their children will one day also want to be a part of the farm. Dan has three daughters, Lillian, Sophia, and Angel, and Ben has three sons, Lane, Lucas, and Henry. The whole family is actively involved in the community and participates in the county 4-H program. What keeps the brothers going every day is being able to show their kids the realities of the world and raising their families in a rural lifestyle. The brothers stated, “It’s a way of life as much as it is your life.” Their goal is to leave the environment even better for the next generation.

The Seibert Family

St. Marys, ohio