Dr. Hannah Jarvis Miller, DVM

Meet Dr. Hannah Jarvis Miller, DVM:

As a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Hannah knows that high-quality beef starts with high-quality care. Growing up raising cattle with her family and participating in 4-H, Dr. Hannah combined her love of animals and medicine to pursue a degree from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is now the owner-operator of Greenfield Vet Clinic in Greenfield, Ohio where she takes pride in building relationships with Ohio’s beef farm families. 

“We want consumers to trust that we are producing the best product in the most efficient and ethical way that we can so they can eat the best beef,” said Dr. Hannah.

She continues to raise and show cattle with the help of her father and husband in Leesburg, Ohio. As she strives to continue her own education, she also helps mentor the next generation through internships and other youth opportunities. 

Dr. Hannah Jarvis Miller, DVM

Leesburg, OH