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Circle H Genetic Solutions

Ty McGuire & John Haber

"We go above and beyond to ensure cow comfort and health of the animal. We aren't progressive or innovative if we are not caring about the quality of life of our livestock." - Ty McGuire

Meet Circle H Genetic Solutions:

In 2014, John Haber purchased the farm his father used to rent and farm since the late 1980’s. His family had predominantly been grain farmers when they hired a young, high-school kid named Ty McGuire. Fast Forward to the present, Haber and McGuire are now partners in the cattle  business.  

McGuire spent years going to school, doing out-of-state internships and moving to another state, but Eaton, Ohio is where he and his wife, Leanna, wanted to raise their growing family. After moving back home in 2016, it only seemed natural to contact John to join forces in the cattle industry. Now raising his two daughters, McGuire says that it is his goal to have his daughters involved one day.  

John has his own metal fabrication business, Circle H Solutions, and Ty works for Biozyme, both full-time jobs which have become vital to the operation. Ty explains, “That’s the neat thing about John’s metal shop, is that if you look around, you’ll see his engineering skills put to the test in this operation.” They explained how safe the operation is because they have the ability to customize all gates, lights, and chute systems to keep the cattle calm when they are working with them. John states, “So that’s been a nice thing, we can run our cattle through our working chutes, the stress is low, it’s a very seamless setup, so it makes it really easy for us when we work our cattle, and nobody gets hurt.” 

Putting an emphasis on “cow comfort” is how Ty explains that they keep their cows in such good condition. Having strict protocols for veterinary services, feed and mineral, vaccinations for disease prevention and low-stress scenarios ensures that when they put the embryos into their cows, they have the highest likelihood of conception. 

John and Ty both agree that looking back, educating yourself is one of the best ways to improve yourself, your operation and your perception on topics you are unfamiliar with. Ty believes, “Knowledge is power, continually educating yourself, and learn as much as you possibly can.”

Circle H Genetic Soltutions

Eaton, ohio