FY23 September

OBC Conducts Market Research

To target Ohio’s consumers more efficiently, OBC in partnership with the Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. Market Research Team conducted a Dashboard Survey in May. The survey provides directional views of how consumers in Ohio’s three key areas, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus compare nationally. Test groups in these areas completed an online survey with questions in the areas of consumption, perceptions, consideration factors, and agreement. The results of this survey and continued research will help in providing key messaging and information to Ohio’s consumers to drive higher demand for beef.

E-Commerce Opportunities Drive Beef Sales 

The Ohio Beef Council (OBC) and the Beef Checkoff extended the Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. holiday e-commerce campaign at the state level with great results. Beef digital ads ran on a national retail website while consumers shopped online. These ads resulted in $4.05M in incremental beef sales at the national level with a $13.45 return on investment (ROI). OBC’s push toward Ohio store locations produced $1,512,518 in beef sales from Dec. 1-31 with a return on ad spend at $151.25.  

This summer OBC extended another national retail e-commerce campaign with digital ads running May 1 - June 30 and a back-to-school campaign running in August and September. As consumers continue to shop online, the Beef Checkoff works to keep beef top of mind.

The Farmer Influence

OBC continues to introduce Ohio’s beef farm families to consumers with the Ohio Stories Video Series that recently featured Paint Valley Farms of Millersburg, Ohio. The number of Ag Influencers is growing because consumers want to know how their food is raised and grown and Lee Miller and his family showcase their passion for a better tomorrow with their herd of Shorthorns. A second video scheduled for this fall will feature Hannah Miller, DVM, a young professional who takes her love for cattle to help build client-patient relationships and quality care.  

OBC is working toward expanding Ohio’s Ag Influencers to boost consumer confidence in how Ohio’s beef is raised and grown. 

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Back-to-School with Beef 

OBC continues to offer the Beef in the Classroom Grant program to help support Family and Consumer Science and Culinary educators purchase beef for classroom lessons. Updated educational materials have been added to the Ohio Beef Council Store on www.ohiobeef.org for any teacher to download.

Fueling Healthy Minds and Bodies

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), a contractor to the Beef Checkoff Program, Beef Nutrition Team is working to extend educational advertisements that educate healthcare professionals, like pediatricians and family physicians, about the role of beef in healthy dietary patterns, and specifically how beef’s nutrients can support the health and wellness of nutritionally at-risk populations, such as adolescent girls and women. Additionally, a health professional webinar on Aug. 23 featured registered dietitian nutritionists Jill Castle, MS, RDN, and Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LD, CLEC, CPT, and health psychologist Charlotte Markey, PhD, where they reviewed current intake patterns and consumption trends, and outlined evidence-based solutions for how health-care providers can help patients and clients grow up healthy and strong with beef.

FY23 Calendar

Sept. 1  Beef Promotion Grant Application Due 

Sept. 10  Meat & Greet Columbus Clippers

Sept. 19-21  Farm Science Review

Oct. 11-13  Partnerships In Action Conference

Nov. 1  ProStart Burger Battle


Erin Stickel, Bowling Green, Chairman • Allan Robison, Cable, Vice Chairman • Stan Smith, Canal Winchester, Treasurer • Mandy Atterholt, Loudonville • Lou Ellen Harr, Jeromesville • Mark Goecke, Allen • Stephanie Harris, St. Clairsville • Bret Layman, Johnstown • Jake Osborn, Lynchburg • Becky Reed, Springfield • Ben Seibert, St. Mary's • Bill Sexten, Washington C.H. •  Susie Turner, Somerset •  Kris Vincent, East Canton • Barb Watts, Alexandria • Elizabeth Harsh, Executive Director


The Beef Checkoff is a producer-funded marketing and research program designed to increase the demand for beef. The Ohio Beef Checkoff assesses $2 per head on the sale of live cattle. The Beef Checkoff is remitted to the Ohio Beef Council by the 15th of the month following the month of transaction. For example, all Beef Checkoff funds collected during September are due by October 15. The Ohio Beef Council is required by federal law to collect a two percent late payment charge on all Beef Checkoff assessments due and not postmarked by the 15th of the month.