County Promotion Grants

Beef checkoff dollars are utilized to build demand for beef with promotional efforts targeted toward millennial consumers. The millennial generation represents 80 million consumers who are born between 1980 and 2000. Millennials get their information overwhelmingly through social media, including food bloggers, dietitians, “foodies” and other influencers. They are asking more questions about their food and increasing their food spending. By 2020, total spending power of older millennial parents will hit $1.4 trillion a year. The goal of checkoff funded programs is to stimulate these consumers to eat more beef meals more often. To accomplish this goal, checkoff programs are often concentrated in the larger metropolitan areas and increasingly utilize digital marketing strategies to reach millennials who are engaged online and in social media.

When Ohio beef producers voted in 2014 to increase the state checkoff to two dollars it enabled the Ohio Beef Council (OBC) Operating Committee to create a fund to extend beef promotional programs at the local level well beyond the metropolitan areas. This fund, called the County Beef Promotion Grant, creates a perfect partnership with county cattlemen’s affiliates and county Farm Bureau groups. Through the grant program the checkoff harnesses the creativity of county groups to reach more consumers with beef promotions and educational efforts. And with nearly 11.5 million people, Ohio has lots of consumers throughout the entire state to reach. The county grant program encourages counties to share their beef production stories with consumers where face-to-face contact enhances consumer confidence in the beef they are purchasing for their families.

OBC encourages counties to get inspired to reach consumers and apply for a County Beef Promotion Grant. The grants are designed for consumer targeted beef promotional/educational events and grant applications are due quarterly on January 1, March 1, June 1 and September 1. Counties can fill out the form below and return to the Ohio Beef Council staff at The form requires a brief summary of the event, including the targeted audience, a budget with itemized expenses that include the county’s financial contribution, and the event date. Grants must be submitted prior to the event and will be evaluated by the planning committee of the Ohio Beef Council. The event can be a new or an existing event, however, it must be a consumer-oriented event targeted at a non-agricultural audience. The grant cannot be used for equipment such as grills, signage, county fair awards, scholarships or producer meetings. There is no limit to how many applications a county can submit in a calendar year.

General Information

  • Applications are due quarterly:
    • January 1
    • March 1
    • June 1
    • September 1
  • All applications must be submitted prior to the event taking place
  • Beef promotion grant applications will be voted on at the OBC Operating Committee Meeting 
  • County groups may submit proposals for beef promotions and/or educational programs that ultimately help market beef to consumers. Applications must be fore promotional events designed to reach non-agricultural audiences. Ideas include:
    • Non-agricultural youth educational field days
    • Value cuts cutting schools for retailers/processors
    • New product sampling events
    • Beef cooking demonstrations
    • Beef cook-offs
    • Farm tours
    • Breakfast/dinner on the farm event
  • The activity must be promotional in nature but does not have to be a new idea.

  • Equipment, operating costs, and traditional projects will not be considered:
    • Bedding for cattle barns
    • Fair trophies/awards
    • Grills or cooking equipment
    • Scholarship fund donations
    • Producer information sessions
    • County fair sale buyer dinners
  • Beef promotion grants will be considered based on the application’s alignment with the objectives of the current year’s OBC marketing plan and alignment with the National Beef Checkoff campaign. Grants will be considered throughout the duration of the current year’s marketing plan, providing there are still funds available in the specific program area.
  • To apply for the CBP Grant, complete and submit the online application below. For questions regarding the application, please contact Cambell Parrish,