Meet the Walls

Three years ago, a young couple explored unknown territory when Kyle and Ashton Walls purchased a foreclosed property to begin their cattle operation. The uniqueness of the Walls’ family (growing plus one this summer!) is that Kyle and Ashton are both first-generation beef farmers. Having no family history in cattle, Kyle and Ashton are pioneering their path in the cattle industry.

Kyle is a District Sales Manager for Channel Seed, a division of Monsanto, meanwhile Ashton is a Regional Sales Manager for Siemens Energy, Inc. Currently, they have a small starter herd of Angus heifers. Soon, their heifers (a female animal that has not yet had a calf) will calve with their first babies and the Walls' herd will double! Kyle uses his five years of experience working on a large ranch in South Dakota to keep a watchful eye out for their cattle. “Our cattle are very important to us, and we are constantly checking them to monitor their overall health and soundness,” says Kyle.

Kyle and Ashton say that every day on their quaint farm is an adventure. “As we are still in the building phase, each evening after work we find ourselves working on big and small do-it-yourself projects to enhance our farm,” says Ashton. As first-generation farmers, Ashton accredits their families for support. “We were lucky to have supportive families that allowed us to dabble with livestock in our high school years, growing our passion in 4-H for agriculture, primarily animal husbandry.”

The Walls’ are driven by a new-found, yet deep-rooted passion to better their cattle farm, but more importantly the beef industry. “Our animals bring us great joy and caring for them is at the core of what we do every day. Working with livestock is a very rewarding experience and watching hard work pay off makes it worth it at the end of the day.”