Meet the Roes

Bill and Bev Roe of Hamilton, Ohio own a Registered Angus cow-calf farm. They own and operate the Pedro Angus farm located just 10 miles east of the Indiana border, alongside their herdsman Michael Everett. For more than 20 years, they have prided themselves on quality cattle backed by quality genetics and an ideal disposition.

For the Roe’s, this isn’t a hobby. In fact, Bev’s grandfather began raising cattle in northern Ohio in the 1800’s. Today following the sale of their restaurant business many years earlier, Bill guides the marketing of their animals and selects the genetics used to produce their next calf crop. Bev focuses on herd health, keeping records and serves as the ranch cook, one of the most important roles on the farm, according to the men. Michael, who began working for the Roe’s at the age of 16, manages the daily operation of feeding, haying, and farm maintenance.

The Roe’s primary purpose is raising breeding stock for other farmers to use as the mature cows and bulls in their herds across the country. The baby calves on the Pedro Angus operation will be someone else' livelihood one day. Which is why the Roe’s feel taking the best care of them is of the up-most importance. “We take care of our animals the best we know. We give all our animals a balanced diet, health care, and protection from severe weather. Protection includes a roof or wind break, and bedding on frozen ground.” Being a farmer is 24 hours a day Bev said. “It’s seven days a week, when it’s freezing cold or sweltering hot. But it’s our freedom of choice and we know we are the ones responsible for the success or failure of our business.”