Meet the Raines

Todd, Melanie, McKayla and Ty Raines run a seedstock cattle operation located in Seamen, Ohio. There the family raises around 350 head of Registered Black Angus, with a key focus on genetic improvement, and producing high quality beef. Their 2,000-acre farm was first established by Todd’s great, great grandfather Raines in 1928 and his great, great grandfather Fulton in 1895. Todd along with his father Pat, and brother Greg, help run the farm, everyone concentrating on a different sector of the operation. Keeping the tradition alive, the sixth generation is well at work on the farm, as teenage daughter, McKayla, and son, Ty, help feed, vaccinate, and work with their 4-H cattle projects.

Beyond the family, a local veterinarian is used for animal health consultations, in addition to semen checking, palpations, and emergency services. An embryology veterinarian is used to remove and implant embryos in breeding stock. As well as frequent conversations with other breeding operations’ owners to discuss ideas and generic mating questions.

Sustainability plays a key role in the Raines’ family operation as well. Using sound environmental practices, their goal is to maintain and improve the land and water resources to produce the desired product. Taking extra steps to preserve the environment, the Raines family adds cover crops in their plant rotation to minimize soil erosion. Their cropping practices are nearly 100% no-till. This is done to better utilize fertilizer and nutrients. They use soil samples from around the farm to apply the appropriate nutrients in the correct amounts. 

Constantly keeping the consumer in mind, the Raines family understands there would be no business without the consumer. “Every aspect of raising and producing livestock revolves around the consumer,” the family explains. Therefore, the family hosts multiple farm tours throughout the year to educate individuals who may not know where their food comes from, and to help better explain agricultural practices.

The family agreed that they enjoy seeing their hard work pay off and the genetic results, from their decisions made.  Their time spent together as a family discussing the operation, and working with their cattle helps to continue the Raines family tradition.