Meet the Nickles

On the Wooden Nickle Farm, nestled in the rolling hills of north central Ohio, Kyle and Audrey Nickles work alongside Kyle's parents, Doug and Sherry, taking care of their nearly 250 head of Simmental and Angus cattle. For the Nickles owning cattle is in their blood. It's a passion and livelihood that is deeply rooted in their land, where magnificent views and great cattle have been awe-inspiring for three-generations.

Outside of the farm, Audrey is an Account Executive at UIS Insurance and Investments, while Kyle helps other farmers as a Ruminant Nutritionist for Kalmbach Feeds, Inc. where he develops feed rations to help cattle thrive. Kyle also formulates the right diet for their own cattle, and works closely with their veterinarian to constantly monitor herd health and update the herd health protocol as needed. Kyle says they take pride in knowing their cattle are always fed, clean and comfortable. They have a regular vaccination system for both their mama cows and baby calves to make sure they are always health and productive. The Nickles are always looking for ways to improve their operation by being involved in cattlemen's associations, attending conferences, and practicing Beef Quality Assurance practices that set the national standard for quality beef care.

For the Nickles, sustainability means being innovative and progressive, finding ways to produce more with the same number of acres or same number of cattle to meet the growing demand. They say they take pride in caring for the pasture, improving forage quality, and properly handling manure and waste water. As Audrey says, her favorite part about owning cattle is that there is a new challenge every day and it is extremely rewarding to care for healthy, high quality cattle that meet the demands of all segments of the beef industry.