Meet the Loves

Kurt, Marcy, Mason and Morgan Love of Baltimore, Ohio have a cow/calf farm on 188 acres, with about 40 cows. Although Kurt owns a tile and ceramic business, and Marcy owns a small country boutique, their true passion remains raising cattle.

The family business began over a century ago when Marcy’s ancestors began raising Hereford cattle in the 1800’s. Her grandparents purchased the land that Kurt and Marcy now raise their children on. Although their cow herd began with the Salers breed, it has evolved over time and now has about 50 percent red cows and 50 percent black cows. Although the Love’s passion is cattle, they boast a diversified operation including sheep and a few chickens!

The Love’s have a passion for raising cattle and say they couldn’t see doing anything else in life. They take pride in raising quality cattle, but more importantly teaching their children the right way of doing things. “We know giving our children the opportunity to grow up in the cattle industry is the best thing we can pass on to them.”