Meet the Laymans

Bret, Kelley, Madison, Lauren, and Elliot Layman own and operate Layman Dairy Farm just outside of Utica, Ohio. The family’s primary focus is dairy, with milk production from their 200 head of dairy cattle going to a local cheese producer. But attention is also placed on other elements of the business. All bull calves, for example, are sold to another farmer and fed out as dairy beef steers. It’s estimated that up to 20 percent of all beef in the United States comes from dairy cattle.

As the fourth generation to milk cows, Bret understands the legacy and responsibility of owning a farm. “I was born into the dairy industry” said Bret. “It’s what I know. What I do each day would not be possible without the foundation that my dad, grandpa, and great grandpa have put down over the past hundred years.” Passing the farm onto the next generation is important too, said Bret. “We do the best we can….that means doing what past generations have done, which is providing the same opportunities for future generations.”

For the Layman family, the consumer is always top of mind. “We go about our day as if the consumer was right beside us every minute. We do our absolute best, given all the variables we deal with each and every day.”