Meet the Hollowells

Randy, Stacy, Dylan, and Carly Hollowell of Covington, Ohio own and operate C&H Farms, alongside Stacy’s parents Russ and Kathy Clark, a 320-head capacity feedlot. This means they receive cattle that have been on grass for a few months, and feed them grain for about 4-6 months before they go to the harvesting plant. Stacy and Kathy both work as registered nurses, while Randy and Russ handle most the daily cattle operations. At the end of the day, everyone pitches in wherever help is needed to ensure the best job is done.

The Hollowells know the importance of a low-stress environment on cattle, which is why they practice Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) principles. BQA is a national program that provides guidelines for beef cattle production, ensuring commitment to quality at each stage of the beef industry. The cattle are checked numerous times per day, while feed is provided regularly and water continuously. The cattle’s feed is tested on a weekly basis to ensure the nutrient value of the feed, and the best rations possible.

For the Hollowells being sustainable is of the highest priority. “Our operation is highly sustainable, we’ve built an operation that can endure over time and continue to be multigenerational,” said Stacy, who values their three-generational farm. “We value our livestock as a vital asset to our business…but feel a greater need to deliver a safe, well-managed, quality product to our consumers. It’s important to our family to raise a quality, safe and nutritious product for ourselves and all those who consume our product.”