Meet the Grahams

Jamie and Amy Graham of Patriot, Ohio own and operate R&C Packing, where they harvest and process beef. The Grahams have been in the meat packing business for over 15 years. Before purchasing R&C Packing, Jamie was a meat inspector for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, so to say he knows meat safety is an understatement.

“Without a doubt, food safety is the most important aspect of a processing facility” said Jamie. A day in the life of a meat processor revolves around it. Most days in the harvest facility start at 6:30 a.m. when the sanitation manager arrives to make sure the equipment is clean and sterile for the day ahead. Staff members are also involved in the morning cleaning routine that takes place always before harvesting begins. R&C Packing will harvest around 20-25 beef cattle per week, in addition to harvesting pork and lamb as well.

The key to success? According to Jamie it all comes down to investing in people and hoping they will invest in you in return, from staff to customers. The facility is under the supervision of the Ohio Department of Agriculture and welcomes inspectors and others to constantly ensure a good, safe environment is always upheld.