Meet the Flynns

From six in the morning until well after the sun has gone down, a normal day for the Flynn family revolves around agriculture. Eric, Adele, Addison, Will, and Liv Flynn know that taking care of their nearly 50 cows is a family affair. For almost a quarter-century, Adele's family has tilled and worked the land they live on, making Addison, Will and Liv the 4th generation to grow up on their farm located near Lake Erie.

For the Flynn family, raising show cattle is their primary goal. This means they will raise the most elite of the elite cattle to be sold to other youngsters (think 4-H and FFA) to be exhibited at livestock shows. For Eric, his full-time job is working the family farm, and helping Adele's family farm with cash grain crops. Meanwhile, Adele works full-time for Farm Credit Mid-America as a Financial Services Associate, helping other farmers all day. The Flynns know that in order to be successful in the cattle industry, they must harness the power of technology and genetic advancement to continue to be the best. By utilizing veterinarians, nutritionists and embryologists, they capitalize. The Flynns use In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to gather several embryos from the very best cows they have, and transfer those embryos to other cows to carry and raise as their own. Rather than just having one calf from their favorite cow, this gives them the ability for one cow to produce many calves each year.

When Adele's grandpa purchased the farm in the 1940s, all the neighbors took bets on how long he would last (or wouldn't, as several families had tried and failed at farming it). "Now our family has been successfully farming it for over 70 years. Our kids love the farm, especially Will, and every improvement we make on the farm now is with them in mind," Eric says. “We are in this profession because we simply love cattle and the farming lifestyle. It is something we have done since we were kids and we want to raise our kids with the same strong ethics. We work hard and want our kids to see that hard work pays off and that you can love what you do.