How to: Buy Local Beef

One of the best ways to buy local beef is straight from the source. Check out our Ohio Freezer Beef Directory to find farming families selling their product near you.

Learn How to Buy Local Beef


How to: Choose Cuts

Explore to get better acquainted with more beef cuts. You might find a new BFF (beef friend forever). 

Learn How to Choose Cuts 


How to: Cook Beef

Follow the easy 3-step guide to cooking beef any which way you please. Grill it, skillet or braise it, show off your skills tonight.

Learn How to Cook Beef

How to: Find Recipes

The Beef. It's What's for Dinner recipe library is overflowing with quick & easy meals your family will love. Search by cut, cooking method or meal type!

Learn How to Find Recipes

How to: Pair Beef & Wine

What goes great with beef? Wine! Learn how to pair these flavors for the perfect meal. These two were meant for each other.

Learn How to Pair Beef with Wine

How to: Save Money

Get our top six tips for getting the most value and enjoyment out of your beef purchase. We have the expert tips to help you save.

Learn How to Save Money

How to: Be Safe

Safety first! Our first priority is to provide you delicious, safe beef. Keep the food safety chain going at home with these important tips. 

Learn How to Be Safe