Ohio Beef Farm Virtual Field Trip

Take your class on a virtual field trip to an Ohio Beef Farm from the comfort of your own classroom! 

This one-of-a-kind learning experience, developed for middle school and high school students, will turn Ohio classrooms into virtual beef farms through the use of Zoom video conferencing technology.

With the click of a mouse, students will be transported to fields, visit barns and view animals live, guided by an Ohio beef farmer, as they learn about how food is grown in Ohio and see what a beef farmer does each day to care for their cattle. They’ll even be able to chat with a farmer during a live Q&A session.

Experience a Virtual Field Trip

Join the Ohio Beef Council and Mr. Craig Corry on his beef farm just outside of Dayton, Ohio. On the tours we learn about what it takes to care for cattle all year, the beef lifecycle and what cattle eat.

Interested in Participating in an Upcoming Field Trip?

Up to eight field trips will be held in October and early November 2018. Separate trips will be held for elementary and middle/high school students, with the potential for some trips to focus on meat production for food science and high school agriculture classrooms. Each trip is also recorded so that classrooms not able to participate in live virtual field trips can watch a trip on-demand. 

Complete and submit the form below to register for an upcoming field trip or request a recorded trip. For more details, contact Cambell Parrish at cparrish@ohiobeef.org, or call 614-873-6736.