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Is grass fed beef healthier than grain fed beef?

More than one million beef farmers and ranchers raise cattle in every state in the country. They use the diverse resources available in their local areas to produce nutritious, safe and delicious beef. For consumers, that means there are a variety of beef choices such as grain-finished, grass-finished, natural and certified organic beef. From the pasture to the plate, the entire food chain works together to ensure high quality and healthy beef for Americans.

All Beef Is: 

Grass Fed


All cattle spend a majority
of their lives eating grass
on pastures


Most beef does not
contain any additives
and is not more than
minimally processed


Beef is a powerful protein
and an excellent or good
source of 10 essential


Vigilance on farms,
rigorous safety inspections
and strict government
guidelines ensure the
highest level of safety

All choices of beef are excellent or good sources of 10 essential nutrients and there are 29 cuts of beef that meet government guidelines for lean.

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